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Unlock a World of Possibilities

Craft and Savor Your Own Signature Spirit

Your Journey Starts Here

Enter our distillery, where your adventure begins with anticipation and aged oak barrels. At the crafting table, surrounded by curated ingredients, you become the creator of your own legacy. Guided by an expert, you’ll select, blend, infuse, and name your spirit, merging tradition with personal expression. Our master distiller shares the secrets behind each bottle, connecting craft and legacy in a uniquely personalized experience. Here, your path as an artisan unfolds, promising an unforgettable journey through craft, flavor, and time.

Craft Your Signature Spirit in 3 Steps

During Your Barreling Party, you will try various existing recipes. For our experienced guests, you can also make your own recipe using a combination of these 4 grains. 


*For Bourbon recipes, a minimum of 51% of Sweet Corn MUST be used.

Once you have decided on the recipe, you and 10 of your friends will fill the barrel. Upon filling the barrel, the next step will be to WAX & Seal the barrel from any leaks. 

*All Guests must be at least 21yrs old to participate. 

Once the barrel is filled and sealed, you will give your barrel a unique NAME! Afterall, it’s all yours!

As part of your barreling experience, we will be providing you & your friends with a tasty charcuterie board and some of our amazing High Mark cocktails.

"It was a fantastic experience, they guided me every step of the way. I created a one-of-a-kind bourbon that I am proud to serve to friends and family. I highly recommend High Mark for their attention to detail, passion for their craft, and commitment to providing a personalized experience. Thank you for helping me create a special whiskey!"

Why choose High Mark's Private Barrel?

At High Mark Distillery, we’re not just crafting spirits; we’re creating a family of aficionados united by their passion for the extraordinary. Here’s why you should choose our Private Barrel Experience:

Unity In Craftmanship

Join a community that celebrates the art of spirit-making. Become part of a legacy built on shared appreciation for exceptional taste.

Excellence in Every Drop

Our commitment to quality and precision ensures that your crafted spirit stands out. Craftsmanship and excellence run deep in our veins.

Personalization Meets Tradition

Merge your unique taste with time-honored traditions. Craft your spirit to reflect your individuality while embracing the heritage of distillation.

Expert Guidance

Benefit from the expertise of our master distiller. Gain insights, stories, and the secrets behind each bottle, forging a bond with the craft and the community.

Elevate Your Sip, Elevate Your Legacy

Choose High Mark for an experience that elevates your spirits. Craft your legacy, savor your story, and become part of the High Mark family.

Your Legacy Awaits!

Your journey with High Mark’s Private Barrel Experience isn’t just about the present; it’s about creating a legacy that endures. Craft your own unique spirit, and in doing so, you leave behind a mark of your craftsmanship and passion. It’s a legacy that tells your story, shares your tastes, and celebrates your love for exceptional spirits. With each bottle, you etch your legacy into distillation history.

Experiences & Pricing

53-Gallon Barrel

Great for Gifting, Events & Hardcore Spirit Lovers
$15,000 $12,500
  • Bring up to 15 friends
  • Sip & Savor various recipes
  • Learn the Story of Spirit Making
  • Make Your Custom Recipe
  • Enjoy Signature Cocktails
  • 4 years Barrel Aging
  • Bottling Experience Included
  • 265 (750ml) Bottles
  • Tasty Treats & Charcuterie
  • Custom Bottle Labels

Give the Gift of Barrel Fun!

Gift Certificates available for purchase for all of our High Mark experiences. 

What's Included in the Experience

tasting bottles and glasses of whisky spirit brandy cognac. tasting at home

Crafting Your Spirit

  • A guided session led by our master distiller.
  • Selection of premium ingredients to customize your mash.
  • Personalized blending and infusion process.
  • Expert assistance every step of the way.

The Barrel and Maturation

  • Your own oak barrel for aging your spirit.
  • Maturation under optimal conditions in our barrel house.
  • Regular updates and progress reports on your spirit’s development.

Bottling and Labeling

  • Return to High Mark to bottle your aged spirit.
  • Craft a unique label, adding a personal touch.
  • Your customized bottles of distilled artistry to take home.

Tasting & Celebration

  • A private tasting session of High Mark’s signature spirits.
  • Enjoy the camaraderie of fellow enthusiasts.
  • Savor your crafted spirit in an exclusive gathering.
High Mark Distillery Bottle collection products.

Expert Insights

  • Gain insights, stories, and distillation secrets from our master distiller.
  • Deepen your appreciation for the art of spirit-making.

Lifelong Memories

  • Create lasting memories and stories to share.
  • An unforgettable journey of craft, flavor, and unity.

At High Mark Distillery, we understand the power of memories. Our Private Barrel Experience is not just about crafting spirits; it's about crafting moments that last a lifetime.

Crafting Lifelong Memories:
  • Immerse yourself in a journey of camaraderie and creativity.
  • Share stories and laughter with fellow enthusiasts.
  • Savor the satisfaction of crafting your legacy spirit.
  • Every bottle holds a story, and you’re the author.
  • Create tales to share with friends and family.
  • From crafting to toasting, each step becomes a cherished memory.
  • Your journey leaves a mark, a legacy in every bottle.
  • Pass down your unique spirits, along with the stories.
  • An enduring testament to your craft and passion.
  • Join a community that celebrates craftsmanship.
  • Forge connections, friendships, and shared experiences.
  • Raise a glass to unity, camaraderie, and the joy of spirits.

Ready for your very own Custom Private Barrel?

Still have Questions? Give us a Call: +1 (775) 622-9188

Frequently Asked Questions

Purchasing and building your own recipe & private barrel can be an exciting treat! but it’s important to ask the right questions to ensure that it’s exactly what you expect. Here are some frequently asked questions a private barrel customer might ask before purchasing their very own custom spirits recipe & barrel. Don’t see the answer to your question? Feel free to give us a call or shoot us an email! [email protected]

What if I'm not located Locally?

No problem. Many of our Private Barrel owners live out of state, or out of town, or have very busy schedules. High Mark Distillery can help you develop the perfect Mash Bill (recipe of grains) to fit your taste buds. We can then fill your Private Barrel with the Mash Bill of your choice and have it ready for you to enjoy in 12 months from the date the Barrel was filled with your own delicious recipe.

Contact us directly if you would like for us to create a Private Barrel for you!
(775) 622-9188 or email us at [email protected]

Can I purchase a custom barrel for our Company?

Absolutely! We have many companies that own Private Barrels at High Mark Distillery.  These barrels make excellent Client gifts, and employee Christmas gifts, with your company logo on each custom label that is included free of charge.  

We have many Clubs and Organizations that put a barrel down together each year, to mark the beginning of another wonderful year together.  

Our Private Barrels make a great employee and client Team Building Events for companies, as well. They will never forget the memories together! 

What if I don’t know what Recipe (Mash Bill) to use?

No problem! This is the Fun part! Just schedule your Barrel Filling Party with yourself and up to 10 friends and bring your Taste Buds! Our Distillers, or Master Distiller, will offer your group a few different samples of whatever spirit you want to make: Bourbon, Whiskey, or Rum. You will discover what your favorites are. Then we will eliminate the ones you don’t like, and help you dial in a perfect recipe for what you love. It’s a Private Barrel made just to your liking. There’s nothing better! 

Absolutely! That is never an insult to ask us for help in making your favorite Bourbon, Whiskey, or Rum. That just lets our Master Distiller know which grains, and what percent of each grain, that you prefer. It’s truly your barrel, and we want you to love the finished product!

Can you ship/deliver our custom Barrel and Bottles to us?

*We can ship your Private Barrel to you when it has been emptied, to anywhere in the USA and the World. *Shipping fees will be added. 

*We will need to ship your Bottles to your physical address, through a certified Spirit shipping company, if you live in a U.S. State that allows direct delivery. We use FedEx.  If your state does not allow direct deliveries, we can arrange for a Special Delivery to your nearest liquor store. Or you may wish to pick the bottles up directly from High Mark Distillery or arrange for a friend to pick your bottles up. Must be 21yrs of age or older to pick-up and/or receive shipped products.

What if I don’t know how to create artwork for our custom labels?

No problem at all! We have fantastic graphic designers waiting and ready to take your ideas, artwork, photos, family crests, or business logos, and turn them into very polished and professional looking custom labels for you.  

We have had everything from people’s dogs and cats, tattoos, and hand sketches added to labels. We have even had a Private Barrel owner create the very first 100% AI generated label – it’s a Wookie on Skis! Very creative, indeed.  

If you can dream it up, the graphic designers can make it happen! 

What if I want to Age the Barrel myself?

If the Barrel is a mini 2 Liter (1/2 gallon) barrel, you are welcome to take your Barrel home with you to age, after you fill it. Just make sure you keep it in a dark, cool area while it ages, to reduce the amount of evaporation (Angel’s Share).  


You are always welcome to store your mini barrel in our temperature and humidity-controlled Barrel House at High Mark Distillery, free of charge. 


If your Private Barrel is a 5 Gallon size, or larger, you will need to age your barrel at High Mark Distillery to ensure that we meet all Federal and State laws for that amount of volume. This is Great News for you! High Mark Distillery will make sure your Private Barrel gets Spa Treatment daily in our temperature and humidity-controlled Barrel House, and it will age so smoothly with the barrel rolling by our Barrel House staff each week.  

However, this is truly your Private Barrel, so we highly encourage each owner to interact with their barrel and help us record the monthly data on your barrel as often as you wish. Just give us a call and let us know that you are coming to check your barrel, and we will pull your barrel from the Barrel House and have it waiting, with chilled rocks glasses, for you and your friends to sample your barrel at any time. That’s the Best Part!

When will I Bottle my Barrel?

Once the Master Distiller has tested your barrel and deemed it ready for bottling, the following will happen. 

  1. You will need to submit (IF ANY) your custom artwork for your personalized labels.
  2. You will be contacted to schedule your private bottling party where you and 10 of your friends will
    1. Empty Barrels into Bottles
    2. Put Custom Labels on each Bottle
    3. Seal each Bottle

We provide a Welcome Cocktail and Charcuterie Boards for each guest. We then encourage you to sample your barrel one last time to make sure it’s ready to bottle. Don’t worry, your Distiller will be right there to help you decide. Then, you will be filling your bottles with your own spirits from your Private Barrel, corking them, labeling them with your custom labels (or you are welcome to use ours). It is a party going into your barrel, and a party coming out of your barrel! 

What if I want to Bottle my own Barrel?

You sure may! We encourage our Private Barrel owners to schedule a Bottling Party with up to 10 of your friends, to help you bottle your barrel. We provide a Welcome Cocktail and Charcuterie Boards for each guest. We then encourage you to sample your barrel one last time to make sure it’s ready to bottle. Don’t worry, your Distiller will be right there to help you decide. Then, you will be filling your bottles with your own spirits from your Private Barrel, corking them, labeling them with your custom labels (or you are welcome to use ours). It is a party going into your barrel, and a party coming out of your barrel! 

Can I Resell my own Private Barrel?

Yes, you sure may. It is all yours. You may wish to keep it as a cocktail table, or as a decoration. However, it has your fabulous Spirits caught in the barrel wood (the Devil’s Share) – so we highly recommend that you refill your barrel with whiskey, rum, cabernet wine, or beer, to allow the new alcohol to flush your Devil’s Share back into your new batch of spirits.

Can I resell my own Private Bottles?

No! Don’t even think of doing this unless you have the full liquor resale licenses to do so.  It’s a Felony in America! It’s Bootlegging!

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