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We couple “Old World” distilling methods learned from Ireland, Scotland, and Northern Ireland with technologically advanced American micro-distilling equipment to create ultra premium spirits for our patrons.

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Shine & Spirits

High Mark Vodka
A crisp, clean, single grain spirit, with a smooth almond and butterscotch finish.

Made of 100% Spring White Wheat. This tender white wheat is grown for our distillery only in Nevada. Our harvest came in at just under 4000 bushels this year. Our vodka is twice distilled for the delicious wheat flavor to retain a presence, and triple filtered for purity.

We are 1 of 5 distilleries in the U.S. that filter through ground coconut shells brought over from the Big Island in Hawaii. This imparts a mellow smoothness to the finish of our vodka that can’t be duplicated.

Blind Cat Moonshine

A bright, clean, sweet corn moonshine with a smooth, warm finish. A true legacy sipping shine.

This is a traditional sweet corn mash moonshine. The recipe comes from the Appalachian Trail in West Virginia. We then perfected it in the frozen lands of Sterling, Alaska. Our moonshine is made of 100% Sweet Corn, grown in Nevada for our Reno distillery.

We call this our “Health Drink” because it is Gluten Free. We keep it pure and strong, never mixing grains in with it. Blind Cat Moonshine is made in a copper pot still, then triple filtered for purity.

Blueberry Cobbler Shine

A liquid version of an old school bakery shop cobbler, bursting with fresh berries and a hint of vanilla, and warmed just a bit with our handcrafted moonshine.

Our own fresh corn Moonshine, Vanilla Bean Extract- made from scratch in-house and aged for months at High Mark Distillery, and a whole bunch of pressed fresh blueberries, equals sipping perfection for this delicious sipping Spirit.

This recipe comes to us from a family in Florida that have been cooking up batches for 118 years! Try a sip, or two, or three. Your taste buds will beg for more.

Apple Jack

Old Fashioned Baked Apples, fresh from the oven, and put in a bottle, with a warm, crisp apple finish.

Apple Jack is a Scottish Hard Spirit. Great-Uncle Tim finally handed the secret family recipe down. Our Apple Jack is made from organic, heritage seed apples grown on the private Big Canyon Acres Orchard.

There are only four distilleries in America currently making Apple Jack—we are one of them.

Apple Jack is great as a hot toddy in the winter, and fantastic over ice in the summer. A jar of this goes down smooth and strong. Cheers!

Apple Jane

A home baked apple pie, dripping with spice and brown sugar goodness, with a smooth fresh apple finish.

This is the little sister and lighter proof of our Apple Jack secret Scottish family recipe.

Apple Jane is a crisp, delicious organic Honey Crisp Apple spirit that reminds one of a perfect apple pie baked in a bottle.

What we offer our patrons.

Our ultra premium, single batch High Mark Vodka is a rare mixture of fine White Wheat and an artisanal spring water. It delights the desires of those seeking a Nevada hand distilled spirit that pleases the most discerning of palettes.

The smooth, crisp components of the High Mark Vodka is coveted and closely kept as a secret recipe. It has been adapted from small distilleries found on the coastline  of Northen Ireland.

High Mark’s Irish relatives don’t just eat their wheat, they taught us how to drink it as well!

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Do you all know why old bars have dollar bills with people’s names on them all over their walls? Historically it had a real purpose! In old mining or oil towns, the work was so dangerous, people had short life spans, so “running a tab” was too risky for bar owners.

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