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We couple “Old World” distilling methods learned from Ireland, Scotland, and Northern Ireland with technologically advanced American micro-distilling equipment to create ultra premium spirits for our patrons.

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Our ultra premium, single batch High Mark Vodka is a rare mixture of fine White Wheat and an artisanal spring water. It delights the desires of those seeking a Nevada hand distilled spirit that pleases the most discerning of palettes.

The smooth, crisp components of the High Mark Vodka is coveted and closely kept as a secret recipe. It has been adapted from small distilleries found on the coastline  of Northen Ireland.

High Mark’s Irish relatives don’t just eat their wheat, they taught us how to drink it as well!

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Do you all know why old bars have dollar bills with people’s names on them all over their walls? Historically it had a real purpose! In old mining or oil towns, the work was so dangerous, people had short life spans, so “running a tab” was too risky for bar owners.

Click here to read our blog post that goes into more detail!


High Mark Distillery is producing Pristine Clean Hand Sanitizer batches daily.

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