Orchard Apple Beer

  • 1 oz. High Mark Distillery’s Apple Jane
  • 8 oz. Blond, Pale Ale, or Amber beer
    Pour beer into a chilled pint glass, or beer mug. Top with High Mark Distillery’s Apple Jane.
    Garnish with a dash of nutmeg on top.

Tasting Profile: Apple Jane

A home baked apple pie, dripping with spice and brown sugar goodness, with a smooth fresh apple finish.

Apple Jane

Made of 100% Spring White Wheat.

This is the little sister and lighter proof of our Apple Jack secret Scottish family recipe. Apple Jane is a crisp, delicious organic Honey Crisp Apple spirit that reminds one of a perfect apple pie baked in a bottle.

Proof – 25

Size – 750 ml       

Price – $32.00