Irish Apple Juice

  • 8 oz. High Mark Distillery’s Apple Jack – 50 Proof
  • 8 oz. Porter or Stout beer
    Pour beer into a chilled pint glass, or beer mug. Top with High Mark Distillery’s Apple Jack.
    Garnish with a dash of cinnamon or cloves on top.

Tasting Profile: Apple Jack

Old Fashioned Baked Apples, fresh from the oven, and put in a bottle, with a warm, crisp apple finish.

Apple Jack

Apple Jack is a Scottish Hard Spirit. Great-Uncle Tim finally handed the secret family recipe down. Our Apple Jack is made from organic, heritage seed apples grown on the private Big Canyon Acres Orchard.

There are only four distilleries in America currently making Apple Jack—we are one of them. Apple Jack is great as a hot toddy in the winter, and fantastic over ice in the summer.

A jar of this goes down smooth and strong. Cheers!

Proof – 50

Size – 750 ml       

Price – $32.00