High Mark Distillery Private Barrel Club

Are you ready to take FULL control? We hear ya! At High Mark Distillery, YOU get to make all the calls. Your decisions will ultimately decide what characteristics your Spirit or ‘Shine will contain.


Our Private Barrel Club is your chance to have your very own Spirit or 'Shine.

Full control. Are you ready for that?

We offer you multiple options for barrel size, customize the barrel with your name engraved, and have a new place to host parties and corporate events.

You can come and go as you please and share with anyone old enough to drink legally. Our home, is your home. We mean it! Feel free to visit as often as you want to sample the progress of your creation, or simply just to stop in and say “Hi!”.

When you decide it’s time (and don’t worry, we’re here to help along the way to offer our master distilling experience whenever needed), we will bottle it and you’ll be the proud owner of several bottles to do whatever you wish with.

Sound like something you or someone you know would enjoy? Treat yourself or give as a gift. Contact us today to begin the journey.

Barrel Club Benefits

Our Private Barrel Club Membership Includes:

Barrel Filling Party

Initial barrel filling party with other Private Barrel Owners and your guests.

Exclusive Events

Twice a year we host Private Barrel Members VIP Events and your guests..

Monthly Maintenance

Each month we perform a barrel rotation and check and record temperature & humidity numbers.

Weekly Maintenance

Weekly cleaning of your barrel with a damp cloth, barrel waxing, bung hole check & coloration recording.


We provide a Certified Barrel Aging Report – containing all recorded aging details for each barrel.

Reselling Opportunity

Our customers can resell their Private Barrel back to High Mark Distillery once it is Aged & Certified.

Final Bottling Party

Members may have a bottling party with your chosen guests to bottle their spirits and take them home.

Our home, is your home

We mean it! Feel free to visit as often as you want to sample the progress of your creation.

Custom Services

Custom Labels: logos, family photos, weddings, engagements, graduations, retirements, etc.

Private Barrel Investors Club

Members get the opportunity to Join the Barrel Investor’s Club. LEARN MORE HERE

Private Barrel Investors Club

Resell your Private Barrel back to High Mark Distillery once it is Aged and Certified.

Do you LOVE owning your own barrel, aging it, and being a Private Barrel Club Member?

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Ready to join the Private Barrel Club?

Designed for all Spirit and Moonshine  lovers. Makes for one of a kind gift for someone special! Think graduations, anniversaries, deployment homecomings, weddings and more!

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