Drinking History – Prepping for Hard Times

Do you all know why old bars have dollar bills with people’s names on them all over their walls?

Historically it had a real purpose!

The Oatman Hotel is home to the Dollar Bill Bar, a saloon covered floor to ceiling in…you guessed it…dollar bills.

In old mining or oil towns, the work was so dangerous, people had short life spans, so “running a tab” was too risky for bar owners.

When it was an oil field payday, or miners cashed in gold or silver, they would go have a cold beverage to celebrate.

While they were at the bar, they put their own name on a few bills and pinned it to the wall, so if they ever wanted a drink and they were broke, they could just cash a bill in.

They were prepping for hard times, and if you want to participate and your mark on history, just ask the waitress behind the bar for a staple gun and a sharpie!

This unique watering hole is one of a handful located in the United States where the walls are actually decorated with money. 

View the images and video below to learn more!

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